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March 2015 : Becarre Natural signs the representation of the Ultrasome™ encapsulated CoQ10 developped by Herbamed.
Ultrasomes are a new type of lipid particles considered as an intermediate or "Hybrid" system between liposomes and oil-in water emulsions. Ultrasome-CoQ10™ has been clinically evaluated for increased bioavailability (3-10 times) and through different in-vivo studies.
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Becarre Natural develops and represents standardized plant extracts in Europe as the sales and marketing office of reputed and reliable manufacturers, dedicated to the nutrition, the personal care or pharmaceutical industries.

You'll find in our brochure our list of natural actives, detailed and classified according to their activities or their fields of application [Page 10 and 11], as well as various articles: Rhodiola [page 16], GliSODin [page 18], Bacopin [page 15], SlimNat [page 15] , Satiereal [page 20], Boswellin [page 25], Forslean [page22], etc … Our products can be also found on our website , as well as specific information such as our ‘focus-on’, global regulatory position and main related studies, via a powerful multi-field search engine.

Standardized actives

At Becarre Natural, we think that you are more looking for reliability and know-how than an a list of products, reason why we focus on one specific key origin : standardized actives extracted from the nature under very strict process of production, supported by studies and sustainable resources. 

Becarre works as the centralized sales and marketing organization for selected manufacturers of plants extracts (botanicals ingredients), either as your local contact or through appointed distributors who are then in direct contact with the manufacturers but followed up by Becarre Natural.

We provide you with full set of information, the legal status, starting from the raw material until your final product.

We know our products !

Why BECARRE Natural ?

Becarre' - that you may pronounce 'be care' - is the French word for the musical mark which cancels the alterations such sharp or flat sign. The English translation is 'the natural sign'.

As the right note at the right time makes the music, the right product in the right formulation makes your success. 


As per today, Becarre Natural represents natural actives from different manufacturers, such as Sabinsa Corp, PoliNat SL (Poliphenoles Naturales), Isocell, Inoreal, besides other specific extracts from reputed sources.

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