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DYNADIS is a French Company located in south of France serving the European market with strong reputation from its customers for more than 15 years of quality services & successful performance in Europe.

Dynadis is committed to providing the best quality natural organic ingredients for all companies that develop functional foods, nutraceuticals, cosmaceuticals, pharmaceuticals, etc. at European standards.

The Mission of Dynadis is to create innovative healthy ingredients from the world’s best natural sources to meet the needs of the global customers and to enrich the customer’s health and life style.

Dynadis provides, organic natural ingredients, services and innovative solutions that meets the requirements of European and French Regulations for all quality standards applicable for nutraceuticals, functional foods, cosmaceuticals etc. combining proprietary production process, sourcing, consulting and custom made products.

Our Product Range
We offer large range of natural ingredients as below:

ORGANIC HERBAL EXTRACTS: Ingredients certified organic by ECOCERT
NUTRANGE™: Ingredients for nutraceutical applications.
BEVRANGE™: Beverage ingredients
SAFERANGE™: Natural extract obtained by CO² supercritical  extraction technology.
CARORANGE™ - unique range with full spectrum of natural carotenoids:
LUTDYN®: Natural Lutein USP from marigold flowers
ZEADYN®: Natural Zeaxanthin from marigold flowers
LYCODYN®: Natural lycopene
CARODYN®: Natural Beta-carotene
MIXDYN® : Natural Mixed carotene

Our Brands
Dynadis supplies innovative branded ingredient solutions as below:
HYBICYAN®: Anthocyanin extractedfrom hibiscus flowers (CWS & DC powders)
CAFGEN®: Chlorogenic acids from green coffee beans (CWS & DC powders)
ELLAGIN®: Punicosides from Pomegranate fruits (CWS & DC powders)

OUR PRIORITY     :  QUALITY is the top most priority in our business we take at most care to supply quality ingredients so that our customers are 100% assured for their material requirements.

Our quality standards:
100% Strict GMP standards
100% Non GMO sources / Ingredients
100% Tracability
100% Non irradiated, BSE/TSE free
100% Stable Products

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