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Located on the Mediterranean seashore of France, Fytexia develops and manufactures proprietaries ingredients targeting Health, Wellness and Sports Nutrition. Inspired from local fruit and vegetables, Fytexia’s expertise relies on the science of polyphenols to deliver clinically-proven ingredients, with publications designed to meet the expectations of top-rated scientific journals.

Weight Management

  • Sinetrol, Fat shredding technology, ingredient supported with 3 published clinical studies on a total of 115 people (
  • Sinetrol Active Living, weight management for active people
  • DNF-10, Satiety peptides for weight management supported with 4 clinical studies on more than 130 subjects. 

Polyphenol Concentrates

  • Oxxynea 5-A-DAY, Whole food Mediterranean polyphenol concentrate offering the same antioxidant capacity as 5 portions of fruit and vegetables
  • Vinovia, grape fruit extract

Healthy Aging

  •  Fiit-ns, Metabolic anti-aging for quality of life improvement
  • Mangoselect, Joint health support, natural inflammatory relief
  • Oleactiv, Maintenance of cardiovascular health & cholesterol management

Sports Nutrition

  • PerfLoad, Performance-enhancing system based on grape, pomegranate and green tea extracts 
  • BurntoRun, Combination of citrus fruits, L-carnitine and guarana seeds to boost endurance
  • TensLess, Faster recovery solution made of polyphenols from elderberry, mangosteen and pomegranate fruit extracts to restore physical capacity

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