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HP Ingredients

HP Ingredients Corporation, founded in 2002, is a manufacturer and supplier of safe, branded, patented, science-based, clinically proven nutraceutical herbal extracts. HP Ingredients' mission is to maintain its reputation as a foremost pioneer in the global natural health industry delivering unique ingredients backed by rigorous scientific research. HP Ingredients is a fast-growing, innovative nutraceutical company that brings to market standardized patented botanical extracts as well as privately funds clinical studies in collaboration with globally prestigious universities and research institutions located in Malaysia, Chile, Italy and the United States in support of these products.

We work closely with top patent-awarded scientists world-wide, to provide ongoing research

on our proprietary, patented, and trademarked ingredients in a process similar to that of pharmaceutical products.

HP Ingredients' specialized services include custom product development, contract packaging services, and private labeling of cutting-edge dietary supplements and nutritional products.

HP Ingredients' innovation in formulations is accomplished by combining our patented

ingredients with other clinically tested, well-researched nutraceuticals. Our product

development team works with our customers' vision to create proprietary custom

formulations for new products or to revitalize existing product lines.   


Our Mission

At HP Ingredients, we believe in conducting business in a manner that is of the highest professional and ethical standards. As a foremost pioneer in the natural health industry in delivering rigorous scientific research for our innovative nutraceuticals, we achieve this by:


•             Placing great emphasis on introducing high-quality, well-researched natural products that have a tradition of effectiveness and safety

•             Investing in intellectual properties and innovations

•             Working closely with global scientists and universities that have expertise in providing ongoing research support

•             Closely monitoring the quality and consistency of our premier ingredients from seed to shelf

•             Retaining the services of third-party analytical labs to assist in our efforts to continuously verify assay, Total Plate Count, and heavy metals for our proprietary extracts, and adhering to cGMP standards

•             Maintaining our "Green" philosophy by using only the highest quality extracts that are produced by using sustainable wild harvesting practices and organic farming methods supporting biodiversity of natural resources and the indigenous wild herb collectors in Malaysia and Chile

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